Meet the herd

We’ve currently got 10 alpacas, which are all females. Keep an eye on this page though as some of our animals are pregnant!

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Meet Mooncake! She was born on 8th September 2019. She shares the same mum and dad as Luna, which shows the incredible variation of colours in alpacas! She was born in the week of Chinese moon festival, during which it’s traditional to eat moon cakes. Quite a fitting name we thought! 

She lives up to being named after food, by having an incredible appetite. She’s normally the first to get to the food, and is great fun to feed. 




Luna was born on 24th September 2018 from Isabella. She was born very small however overtime she became bigger and stronger.

Her fleece is solid black and the finest we have in the herd. Her first fleece was an amazing 16.3 microns, which makes it incredibly soft.

As you can see Luna enjoys napping a lot!



Indigo joined our herd in early 2019. She looks absolutely stunning, which is helped by her rare fleece colour of grey! Breeding grey alpacas is difficult and rare, which makes her even more special to us. We’re hopeful that she will share these genetics with her Cria (baby alpaca) in the future!

It’s also worth mentioning that where there is food, you will find Indigo! Look out for her nudging away her friends when you’re feeding them. 


Together with Indigo, Peaches joined our herd in early 2019. She was born the year before in October. She shares the same sire with Indigo, which is why they look so similar. The key difference is that Peaches’ fleece is rose grey colour. Just like Indigo’s grey, this is a rare colour for an alpaca to have. Her fleece is also very fine at 19.9 microns. 


Artemis was the first alpaca that was born into our herd! She was born on 20th September 2018. Fittingly she was born close to full moon so we named her after the Greek Goddess of the hunt and the moon. 

Artemis loves playing with Luna who’s her half sister. She’s got an incredibly fine fleece of 16.5 microns which can be referred to as ‘Royal alpaca’ grade. 


Isabella is one of our original Alpacas. She’s a light fawn colour and born on the same day as Shaqiri! She’s the mum of Artemis & Elsa



Shaqiri is one of our original alpacas. She’s born on 15th June 2016. Also she’s the mum of Luna, Mooncake, Marsh Mellow & Mochi


Elsa is our first white coloured alpaca. She was born in July 2020 from Isabella. This makes her Artemis’s sister! 

She was named by fans of the farm after their favourite Frozen character. 

Elsa loves hanging out with her sister Marsh Mellow. 


Marsh Mellow

Marsh Mellow is Shaqiri’s 3rd cria, which makes her the sister of Luna and Mooncake.

Following her sister Mooncake’s tradition, she was named after food by one of our farm fans.  When she was born she seemed very mellow, so there really was only one way to spell her name! She is one of our friendliest alpacas.



Mochi is our 2021 cria (baby alpaca). She’s very curious and loves to nibble jeans. 

Her mom is Shaqiri which makes her the new sister of Luna, Mooncake & Marsh Mellow. 

She knows how to walk fashionably as you can see above, so hopefully she’ll help us promote our lovely yarn!