Alpaca yarn

Alpacas grow an amazing fleece every year which keeps them nice, warm (and fluffy!) during Winter. In the Summer months however they would be too warm with their fleeces. As they can’t naturally shed them we have to help them take it off. 

The fleeces that are carefully taken off our animals is spun into yarn by a small mill in the South of England. This makes our alpaca yarn a very ethical, local & sustainable product.

Finding an ethically produced garment is very difficult these days. We’ve got the challenge of fast fashion which is shipped across the planet, is responsible for a lot of waste, but also causes pollution to our water with micro-plastics. We want to offer a counter option to this by locally producing a quality fibre that can be traced back straight to our well cared for alpacas. 

What makes Alpaca fleece special

Alpaca fibre often gets referred to as ‘fibre of the gods’ based on the qualities of the wool, it’s not hard to see why it has been given this name. We’ll explain some of these below: 

Alpaca is hypoallergenic

Unlike sheep wool, alpaca fleeces don’t contain Lanolin. This also means it’s not as greasy! 

No itchy sweaters!

Alpaca fibres have a very low micron. This means that they don’t feel itchy. In fact it feels incredibly soft. 

Thermal regulating

Alpacas originate from areas in Chile & Peru where it can get very cold. For this environment they’ve developed its fleeces to have thermal regulating properties. This means that it keeps you very warm in winter while a thinner garment can keep you cool in summer.

Fire resistant

Unlike many synthetics, alpaca fibre is naturally fire resistant. 

Our Yarn
Our current batch of yarn is an unique 4ply blend of 70% alpaca & 30% rose. This blend makes it an incredibly soft & beautiful yarn.


This yarn comes in only 1 colour, which is the natural result of blending our fibres together. This makes it all that more unique & sustainable. 

Making it a perfect option, whether you’re looking to produce a stunning garment yourself or would like to provide a loved one with a unique locally made gift. It’s also a unique experience to be able to meet the animals that produced this lovely product for you!

 Our fleece in tops during the yarn production process
Raw fleece
Fleece as it comes of the alpaca has been placed in the box